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How-to build MemoryLifter help

The MemoryLifter help is based on Microsoft Compiled HTML Help. The format is deprecated but the software MicroSoft HTML Help Workshop is available as a free download. The format (CHM) is still supported by Windows 7.

Always work on the files located at $/MemoryLifter/Development/CurrentHelp!

Edit the HTML help

  1. Start Microsoft HTML Help Workshop.
  2. Open the project file (e.g. $/MemoryLifter/Development/CurrentHelp/en/memorylifter.hhp).


Create a new localization

Currently the MemoryLifter help has been localized for german (de), spanish (es), french (fr) and portugese (pt). All localizations are based on the english (en) version.

  1. Navigate to $/MemoryLifter/Development/CurrentHelp.
  2. Create a copy of the folder en and rename it according to the new localization (e.g. it for italian).
  3. Add the folder to the repository.
  4. Translate all files contained in $/MemoryLifter/Development/CurrentHelp/<new-language>/html_.
  5. Translate the index file $/MemoryLifter/Development/CurrentHelp/<new-language>/memorylifter.hhk.


Add a new localization to the application

  1. Copy the complied help file to $/MemoryLifter/Development/Current/MemoryLifter/Resources/<new-language>/help_<new-language>.chm and add it to the MemoryLifter application project.
  2. Adapt the resource string HELP_FILEPATH (e.g. Resources\<new-language>\help_<new-language>.chm).

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