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MemoryLifter Configuration File

MemoryLifter configuration files (using the *.mlcfg extension) are used to store two different types of connection information:

  1. MemoryLifter Server Connections
  2. MemoryLifter Learning Module Feed Connections:

This stores the connection information and name of a Learning Modules feed.

A demo implementation of such a feed can be found in the MLifter.ModuleService project.

A feed configuration has the following format:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
			<Name> Modules</Name>
  • Name: This is the name displayed inside MemoryLifter if the feed is loaded
  • CategoriesUri: This is the feed which delivers all available categories
  • ModulesUri: This is the feed which delivers all the modules available

The feeds use the ATOM standard and for the structure of the feeds see the official feed which is linked in the example above or contact us for help setting up one.

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