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Stick Factory

This tool allows you create and copy MemoryLifter USB stick disk images to many USB drives automatically and very quickly.



Tasks which can be achieved using this tool:

  • Create a MemoryLifter-Stick image
    • image
  • Copy a MemoryLifter-Stick image to EVERY attached USB-device (they will be formatted automatically)
  • Check/compare if a stick was created successfully (files/folders are compared and drive ID is checked)


  • Under Windows XP it can cause blue screen errors if you attach several USB-devices with the same hardware-id (like most USB-Sticks from the same construction-/production-line have)
  • Under Windows Vista/7 the sticks are still “enabled” after they are ejected (this is because of charging of e.g. phones/MP3-Players)

3rd-party tools used (THANKS to the original creators!):

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