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ATTENTION: The documentation is still in an early stage and will be extended over time.

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MemoryLifter ReadMe

Introduction to MemoryLifter Development

  • This will give new developers a short overview of the MemoryLifter source code and help them to get started.

How-to work with the MemoryLifter HTML documentation

  • This will give a short introduction on how to create and modify the HTML help.



  • MemoryLifter Server
    • The server part of MemoryLifter to use MemoryLifter in a multi-user environment.
  • Settings Manager
    • With this tool you can set individual settings to cards/chapters and add extensions.
  • Stick Factory
    • This tool lets you create an image which can be copied to many USB drives automatically and very quickly.
  • Audio Book Generator
    • This can create audio books out of your learning modules.
  • Recorder
    • This can be used to record sounds for your learning modules in a fast and easy way.
  • Unbind
    • This is a little tool to remove the user <-> learning success binding to e.g. to learn with a different profile under the same (Windows) user.
  • Security Admin Suite
    • This is the administration tool for the MemoryLifter server solution.



AI-small-logoMemoryLifter uses Advanced Installer to create its Setup.

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