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Learning Modules Extensions

This section will give a short overview of Learning Modules Extensions and how to create them.

Extensions have the extension *.mlx and they can be created using the Extension Manager in the Settings Manager:




Explanation of the Properties/Actions:

  • Name: This is the name of the extension, which will be shown when the InformUser-Action is selected.
  • Version: The Version of the extension. If the embedded extension has a higher version it will be reinstalled/executed/forced again, even if the Install-Action is Once.
  • Type: The type of the extension – Details see below.
  • Start File: The file which should be executed/loaded after the extension is installed.
  • Data: The actual extension. This MUST BE a ZIP-File containing all the extension data.
  • Action->Install: Defines if the extension should be installed automatically. Always means the extension will be overwritten every time the modules is opened (e.g. a skin will be reseted to its default state if the user has made changes).
  • Action->Force: Defines if the extension should be enabled automatically. Once means it will be only enabled after the installation, but the user can disable it again.
  • Action->InformUser: Defines if the user should be informed of the installation/enabling of the extension. Once means the user will only be informed after the installation, Always means the user will be informed every time the learning module is opened.


Currently supported Extension Types:

  1. Styles:
    This is for embedding MemoryLifter Skins into a module.
    The Start File for a Skin must be the *.style-File, otherwise the Skin can’t be selected/forced automatically!
  2. Unknown:
    This is just a placeholder for other data/extensions.

Example: HERE

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